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About birth registration

Last update [February 26, 2010]  

Report period

It is less than 14 days from born day


Birthplace or permanent address or municipality of address of report person

Person who can speak report

Father or mother

Necessary thing

One notice (birth certificate column needs proof of doctor or obstetrical teacher)
Seal mother and child health handbook of report person


○Letter which is usable in the name of child has limit. 

○When it is submitted to Koshi-shi window in one (person doing resident registration) living in Koshi-shi, it is necessary to perform procedures such as resident registration, medical expenses subsidy program in addition. In addition, we ask public information paper about publication having names or not desired of baby in window

○As I send document asking public information
paper about presence of publication hope about reported to the municipalities except Koshi-shi in one (person doing resident registration) living in Koshi-shi, you fill out, and please bring to Koshi-shi window. 

Procedures such as medical expenses subsidy programs will have you be Koshi-shi window.

 *Koshi-shi window…Goshi office, Nishi-Goshi office, Suya branch, Izumigaoka branch

Reception hours

From weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(as contents confirmation of notification form takes time, give the next agency with margin.)
Holiday and overtime come to Goshi office back entrance, Nishi-Goshi office back entrance reception desk.

Inquiry about this information
Citizen's section
Tel: (096) 248-1113
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