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Local activity, support

Local community

As for a lot of Koshi-shi meetings, it is participation subsidy

Because child, student of elementary and junior high school living in Koshi-shi or citizen supports through athletic meet and cultural activities so that growth that mind and body are healthy together is planned, we issue subsidy when child, student of elementary and junior high school and group citizen's, to organize or individual participates in Kyushu meeting meetings more than.

It is targeted for grant of 1 subsidy

(1)When we play club activities of elementary and junior high school in various meetings

(2)When group to organize or individual plays (we include adult) in various meetings with more than of Kyushu meeting other than club activities

(in the case of ※ (2), we pass qualifier meet of the prefecture, or recommendation, the selection from affiliate is condition.)

2 application procedures

In the case of (1) targeted for grant, President belonging Konaka files.

Protector, individual of child, student participating in various meetings, representative of group attach documents which can confirm that we participate in various meetings, and, in the case of (2) targeted for grant, please submit subsidy grant application.

Sum (in the case of (2) targeted for grant) of 3 subsidies

The site

Supporting target person

Sum of subsidy

The country except Kyushu


10,000 yen



10,000 yen

   Kyushu (except the Kumamoto prefecture)


5,000 yen

                                                                                                                                                                                                  ※Sum of 2018


(1) which is targeted for grant  Koshi-shi Board of Education School Education Division TEL. 096-248-2366

(2) which is targeted for grant  Koshi-shi government office Planning Division TEL. 096-248-1813


Koshi-shi child Theater

Through culture art, we are doing activity "bringing up rich heart" of child. In addition, through encounter with many people, we cultivate "power to raise communicative competence, and to live for like human being".

Live stage appreciation

"Stage drama" of professional theatrical company "puppet play" "music" (concert musical opera) "perform stage appreciation such as entertainments (pantomime circus, rakugo, drum) regularly.

Monthly experience-based activity

We are doing various "experience-based activities" every month.

We take natural experience-based activity camping hiking, mountain climbing, Sawa queen crab and observe starlit sky

The making of chocolate cake made with the making of original experience-based activity kite, comma-shaped bead

Play child plan interesting athletic meet, challenge meet (including other seasonal events)

Area (administration)

・We participate in local festival

"Vee bulldog child theatrical company" city independence business trust cooperation

"Child Festival" plan administration cooperation

Puppet play circle of mothers

Of public request receptionist who, "well, knits" theatrical company!

In school, yohoikuento more than 200 times of exhibitions

We take out fee in oneself and meet and are private enterprise culture education group which is active in different age, parent and child. Do you not practice activity with dream by their hands, too? We accept enrollment hope anytime. Wanting person would like to send documents to the following contact information.

[reference] Koshi-shi child Theater TEL. 096-248-4825