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About Koshi-shi child care web carrying site

  • We make in simple sentence to display with small screen of cell-phone
  • We make use of function as Tel of cell-phone and one-click can dial each section and facility and is available as telephone book.
  • Emergency information places information same as PC version homepage, too and offers information about disaster prevention.
  • It supports DoCoMo, au, SoftBank.

  • ■ When we send data from QR code (two-dimensional cord) to mobile phone

    QR code ※We can easily access by using QR code (two-dimensional bar code). Person whom QR code is available to, please utilize the left image.

    ■ When we transmit URL to own carrying

     We transmit URL to carrying using email
    Please input not to get a wrong text message address.

    ■ When we directly input URL

    Koshi-shi child care site carrying top screen

    Koshi-shi child care site mobile version screen image